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Safe travel despite COVID

Travelling in times of COVID seems challenging. We ask ourselves: Is it safe? Where can I actually go? What is the safest form of travelling? And what if I get sick? Don’t worry no more. On this page, we bring clarity in the COVID-jungle. Plus, our travel experts are always here for you to answer all your questions.

9 Ways to Travel COVID-Safe

Group outside

1. Travel in small groups

With 8-15 guests, our travel groups have always been small to offer you lots of personal space, foster connections & access hidden spots overlooked by larger groups. We will continue to foster relationships with newly created measures to keep you and everyone you meet safe. Want to take a trip with your own group? Check here.


2. Travel in a private shuttle

Our private shuttles now include daily assigned seating and undergo daily deep cleaning of all surfaces. We offer hand-sanitizers in every vehicle, and we trained our drivers to provide the safest possible environment. If you are worried about the COVID-safety on your plane, check this short article by the MIT.


3. Stay in boutique hotels

Due to our small group sizes, we can stay at small, local hotels with fewer guests than large hotel chains. Our partners implemented a more frequent cleaning of common areas and thoroughly disinfecting rooms between guests. Consequently, you come into contact with fewer people & have more space for you.

Covid Test

4. COVID-tested guests

We want to guarantee that all our guests are healthy before starting their journey. Therefore, it is mandatory to do a COVID-19 test. We will ask you to get the test shortly before departure, so everybody is and stays safe. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list here, where you can check the closest test stations.

5. COVID-tested guides

To ensure that everybody is and stays healthy, our guides and everybody who is in contact with our guests will do a COVID-19 test prior to being in contact with the travelers. When we meet locals and tests cannot be required, everybody will wear a mask, and we make sure social distancing is applied.

Hand Sanitizer

6. Hand sanitizer & face masks

We provide you hand sanitizers and, if required, face masks throughout the trip. We advise all guests to closely self-monitor their health throughout the journey, and we will do daily temperature checks. Still, we recommend travelers to bring hand sanitizer and face masks to also be safe during arrival and departure. 

7. Outside with fresh air

The majority of our activities bring us outside with a lot of space, very few people around us and unlimited amounts of fresh air. 

Moreover, we’ll avoid crowded locations and restaurants, and adapt our itineraries further to prevent any unnecessary contacts. 

8. Medical expertise & 24/7 support

All our staff will be ready to explain the guidelines in the destinations you are visiting. Our guide will always be knowledgeable about the best medical care facility close to the current location to get medical help in case someone feels ill. Our emergency support team is trained to support you in case of sickness during your trip.

Packing list

9. Trip preparation & insurance

We also advise our guests to start checking their temperature one week before departure. All of our guests will be receiving information about local COVID-19 guidelines and regulations in their destination, as well. 

In case you should get COVID before the trip, you will get a full refund, if you have one of these insurances. 

Top 5 COVID-safe travel destinations


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Booking with us

Free travel consultation with our experts

Our TripLegend travel experts will tell you where to go and answer all your questions.

Book easily without deposit & worrying

With us you can book easily and without a deposit, because we know that these are turbulent times.

Flexible cancellation & rebooking

In case of a new travel warning you can cancel and rebook at any time free of charge.

Travel insurance covering COVID

We recommend booking a travel cancellation insurance at our partner which covers COVID-19.

Where You Can get PCR COVID-tested

In case you need a COVID-test when entering a country, here you find a list of COVID-19 test centers in Germany. As we cooperate with the company ZOTZ KLIMAS, we can offer a special deal for our guests’ COVID-19 tests. When you book a trip with us and choose one of their Corona Walk-ins for your test, we send you a flyer which will give you a discount on your COVID-19 test. The price for you is just 60€ then, instead of 75€, as we pay 15€ for your test.