Tour operator TripLegend offers trips for vaccinated doctors & nurses

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Berlin, 18.02.2021

Travel start-up TripLegend has come up with a special way to thank the doctors and nurses who are giving their all every day to fight the pandemic: a Dream vacationto recover from all the stresses and strains! The tour operator has not only lowered the prices of its trips, but everyone who works as a doctor or nurse also receives a €100 voucher.

About TripLegend

TripLegend is a young travel start-up from Berlin with the mission to revolutionize tourism in a unique, authentic and sustainable way. Exciting adventure trips to Georgia, Greece, Kyrgyzstan, Namibia, Tanzania and soon many more are waiting for the guests. Behind this is a special concept: small group adventures for solo travelers, because within small groups it is possible, despite the current pandemic situation, to travel safely with a verifiable Covid vaccination and in compliance with all hygiene rules.

Typically 80 % of the trip participants are solo travellers and so within the group you have the opportunity to meet other like-minded medics and nurses who share the same interests, make new friends and experience adventures together away from the stressful daily hospital routine. The possibility to travel with the whole ward is also given and private group trips on individual dates can be requested.

How the idea came about

Medical Trips From Triplegend: These 3 Founders Make It Possible

The founders of Triplegend, Alex and Martin Ditzel and Brian Ruhe, are all three children of medical professionals and have experienced first-hand through their families how tough and stressful the fight against the Corona virus was and still is in the clinics. That's why it's a matter of the heart for them to give something back and thank those who go all out every day to get the pandemic under control.

Your advantages of TripLegend

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