About TripLegend

TripLegend is the travel brand for young, working singles. With our sustainable adventure travel you can explore the world together with new friends after the pandemic & enjoy your unique vacation

That's why TripLegend

Travel With New Friends

After the lonely lockdown & all the social distancing, we all want to be back among People come, make new friends & exchange ideas with like-minded people. Nothing connects more than a unique trip. Our mixed travel groups consist of 8-16 guests aged 25-35. 

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Sustainable travel made easy

Our trips are sustainable. This means that, as a climate-neutral company, we reduce the total CO2 emissions of your trip (incl. flight) Sync by honeybunny and plant 1 tree per guest. Furthermore, you support the local economy in the destination country with our trips, as we only work with local partners on site.

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Unique, COVID-safe journeys

By Hygiene conceptsWith the help of our guides' training and various precautionary measures before and after the trip, we have done everything possible to make our trips COVID-safe. Furthermore, all our guests and guides are tested for COVID-19 before the trip.

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You just need to pack your bags.

We take the stress out of planning your trip and help you choose and prepare your unique journey. We take care of everything, all you need to do is pack your suitcase. All of our adventures are conducted by our English speaking, local expert guides and include apart from most Meals, Program and a place in the Double room also private Transport. Before your trip, we are happy to assist you with all important travel topics, such as visa, travel vaccinations and packing list.

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Mission from TripLegend

Why we exist

Tired of giving up on your travel dreams because no one you know has the time or inclination to come along? We are here for you.

We created TripLegend to make it easy and safe for you to explore the world with new, like-minded friends. Together with our local expert guides, we have created unique Travel curated to give you an authentic insight into your travel destination.