Sustainable travel

Our mission is to make tourism authentic, unique and sustainable. Learn here how you can also travel sustainably.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement2

TripLegend aims to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible tourism industry through its travels. The company's mission statement includes carbon offsetting all travel, supporting non-profit organizations for reforestation, and supporting the local economy in the destination. Through our corporate culture, we strive to counteract mass tourism as the travel brand of the future.


We strongly believe that mass tourism has exceeded its limits. We want to make tourism back to what it was originally: immersing ourselves in local life, exploring new cultures, meeting other people, discovering local food and broadening our horizons.


We combine new technologies, the needs of our guests and common sense to create the travel brand of the future. Learn more about how we embrace sustainability at TripLegend and on our trips.





Our TripLegend adventures are planned with much precision from the ground up to leave the minimum environmental footprint. Nevertheless, some emissions are unavoidable. Trees are an essential part of our environmental strategy because they offer several benefits: First, reforestation projects help restore nature where it has been destroyed by humans. Second, trees lay the foundation for an ecosystem that protects local biodiversity. What's more, they clean the air we breathe of climate-damaging CO₂. 

That is why we are proud to offer our own Food Forest in Sierra Leone to plant. Together with our partner Climate Nuts we are not only helping the local community here out of poverty and creating a food and livelihood base for the villagers with the help of our project, but also offsetting 110% of the CO₂ equivalents generated by the trips. Not only the emissions on the trips are offset, but also the flights - even if you don't book them through us.

In addition to the 220,000 square meters of forest we are planting for this purpose this year alone, we have donated 10 large bags of beans and 40 large bags of nuts to the Maron Community in Sierra Leone, as well as 130 tools from a local blacksmith for planting and tending the plants. This will allow the villagers to build their own income by multiplying the harvests. You can learn more about our project in Sierra Leone in our Interview with Christoph, the founder of Climate Nuts. Our Food Forest is located near the village of the Maron Community.

Certified sustainable

Travelife Triplegend

At TripLegend, we think sustainability first. Protecting our precious planet is in the DNA of every TripLegend adventure. This not only makes itself felt on the ground, for example through our sustainable projects on each trip, but also defines the way we work ourselves and where our focus lies.

We adhere to the strict rules of Travelife certification and have thus been certified as a Travelife partner since the beginning of 2023. For example, we offer flexible home office solutions to save commuting to work or use public transport or the bicycle to get to work.

We support the local economy

Local economy

At TripLegend, we strongly believe that tourism only has a positive impact when it benefits local people and communities. That's why we make sure to work with local businesses, services, social projects and guides when creating our sustainable trips.

This allows us to give you a truly local and immersive experience while doing good. With our TripLegend Local Impact Score, you'll see exactly what we mean when we say we're positively impacting lives through travel.

We love to keep things local and authentic on our adventures. We work with small, locally based companies rather than large international corporations to give you a truly immersive experience. 

We strongly believe that your travel money should stay in the countries where we travel as guests. Supporting local small businesses and social and environmental projects provides people with a better quality of life, strengthens communities and ensures that we can preserve these beautiful places for the future.

We respect wildlife

Elephant With Baby Wildlife

Traveling with TripLegend means you are supporting wildlife conservation. As the name "Wildlife" implies, wild animals cannot be "controlled" without cruel taming practices. That's why you'll never find things like elephant rides or photos with baby tigers on our trips. We also strongly recommend that you don't try these activities yourself.

We believe that photographing or viewing wildlife in their natural habitat, while respecting their space, is the way we can all enjoy breathtaking wildlife most responsibly.

We stop plastic pollution

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Plastic pollution is a global problem, even more so in remote locations where there is no proper recycling and waste management. That's why we continuously train our staff and partners on how to reduce or even eliminate single-use plastic. Our tour guides will give you country-specific tips on how you can help reduce plastic.

How you can help: We encourage you to bring a reusable bottle as well as reusable cutlery, never leave trash out in the open, and do little things like not use plastic straws.

Sustainable travel: Your opinion counts

We know that sustainable travel is a big topic and there are more ways to make our trips even more sustainable. So if you have ideas on how we can make our Travel in terms of social impact and carbon footprint, then send us your suggestions to [email protected].