Best Travel Photographers to Follow on Instagram

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Travel photographers have a way of capturing the culture and nature of a destination. The photos they take can fuel your wanderlust and make you want to drop everything, catch that flight, and travel the world. 

Especially during the lockdown, at a time when we could see the world only through our phones, these travel photographers inspired us and helped us see the beauty of faraway destinations.

As TripLegend, we made a list of best travel photographers to follow on Instagram now. 

We hope that you will enjoy their inspiring and captivating photos as much as we do.


Travel Photography

Albert is a travel photographer from the Netherlands. His photos have been featured by the CNN, Adobe, National Geographic and TIME.

He captures mysterious pine tree forests, delightful sunrises, dazzling auroras, and, of course, beautiful Dutch sceneries.

Also, he took this photo in Kyrgyzstan, a place where he describes as the most beautiful country in the world. If you like to see more of Albert’s images, visit his Instagram page.


Travel Photographers

“Touching people’s emotions without words and only a single moment in time frozen in a frame – that to me is the true magic of photography!”.

Fabian is a self-taught documentary and travel photographer based in Berlin. Besides his captivating nature photos, Fabian likes to photograph important people in his life. Portraits of his partner, stories of families with newborn babies. He likes to capture life as it is, and you can feel it in each photo he takes. You can see more of his works and his portfolio here.


Screenshot 20200826 103852

Benjamin is a young travel photographer from Hungary. He mostly documents his trips to Europe on his Instagram account. He captures great details of dreamy locations and he presents them in a unique and delightful way. If you like to see more of his photos, check out his Instagram account.


Travel Photographer

Arden is a photographer specialized in cities and architecture. He is based in Amsterdam and he takes amazing photos of his city.

We believe that his Instagram feed is heaven for architecture lovers. If you like to see more of Arden’s stunning aerial views, you can visit his website.


Screenshot 20200826 103636

Lauren calls herself a digital nomad. She visited 51 countries in 5 years, and she documents her travel experiences on her blog Girl Gone Abroad. Besides her blog posts, she shares her travel photos on Instagram, and each of her photos looks like they are out of a storybook!

We assure you that Lauren’s photography will make you want to drop everything and grab your passport. If you also like to get a major dose of wanderlust and adventure with Lauren’s photos, check out her Instagram.


Screenshot 20200826 103941

Toni is an adventurer and landscape photographer based in Lapland, Finland. He takes his inspiration from the Nordic sceneries and outdoor activities. Auroras lighting up the Lapland skies, Northern Lights, beautiful huskies, vast green forests, and scenic roads. Each of Toni’s photos tells a story about the wonders of nature.

If you like to take some inspiration from Toni’s photography, you can check out his works here.

Also, we invite you to visit TripLegend’s Instagram for travel photos that will bring out the real traveler in you.

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