Why Should You Group Travel?

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Yes, we are advocates for solo travel. We believe solo travel gives you the opportunity to become an independent and confident human being. It allows you to connect with yourself, experience, and witness new ways of life, cultures, and diversities. But we know that solo travel is not always rainbows and unicorns. It also has its challenges and difficulties. If you try group travel as a solo traveler, you can minimize the problems and struggles you face when you travel alone.

Yellow Van On The Road, Usa

Spending hours creating the perfect itinerary for your next trip. Making sure you pack light enough to make it easier running from one train platform to another. Asking strangers to take your photos in the middle of Sahara because you want your friends to see what kind of an adventurous traveler you are. 

Despite all the benefits of solo traveling, sometimes it can be challenging to deal with all these on your own. This is when group travel comes in handy. This post will outline some of the struggles that come with solo traveling and help you consider group travel and tell you why it makes life easier.

Expanding Your Circle

We all know that making friends is not easy when you have a full-time job. Also, when you travel solo, it is possible that you have safety concerns while approaching people. 

Group travel helps you meet interesting people from all over the world without having to worry about your safety. Moreover, being part of a group is going to help you go out of your comfort zone and try out new things. 

Friends Sitting Together Group Travel

Some group tours may bring people with different interests and backgrounds together. Imagine traveling solo in a group tour consisting of families with little kids and middle-aged couples . In such a group tour, it becomes difficult to expand your circle of friends.

However, TripLegend’s group tours aim to bring young professionals with similar backgrounds together. With TripLegend, travelers will still experience the authentic feeling of traveling solo but also will be able to create new, life-long friendships.

Safety in Group Travel

Safety is one of the common concerns of all solo travelers in the world. Drinking alone at a bar, going to a club, or exploring far-off corners of the world is not an option for many solo travelers. 

But group travel can solve this problem. In a group tour, travelers get to enjoy off the beaten path destinations without any safety concerns.

A Group Of People Having Fun And Running

Local Tour Guides

A guide in a group tour is there to show, tell, and explain travelers everything about the destination.

The local tour guides speak the language and know the destination like the back of their hands. They make sure every little detail in the trip runs smoothly and safely. They help you have the most out of your travel destination.

Local Tour Guide And A Tourist

As TripLegend, we provide an expert local guide for our travelers and support local businesses in each destination we have on our TripLegend map. By keeping things local, we make sure our travelers feel the real atmosphere of their destination. By cooperating with local communities and businesses, we ensure that our travelers’ money stays in the country and is not spent on big international companies.

To learn more about our mission and values, visit our website.

Saving Time with Group Travel

When you travel with a group, you do not have to worry about creating your itinerary or spending hours on booking hotel rooms. All the details will be taken care of without you having to hassle.

You will be just living in the moment and enjoying your destination! 

Traveler Taking  A Photo Of The Sunset

In the age of coronavirus, it is especially important to prefer small group tours. As TripLegend, we offer small group tours for young solo travelers from all around the world.

Throughout the trips, we provide hand sanitizers and face masks. Our emergency support team is trained to support our travelers in case of an emergency during the trip. To find out more about our precautions, you can visit our website.