Welcome to Uganda, the destination for the adventure of a lifetime. Experience mountain gorilla up close and be captivated by the country's extraordinary biodiversity.

Why travel to Uganda?


The plantain is the basis for almost every meal in Uganda and is the equivalent of the potato. It is eaten steamed, i.e. as a kind of mashed potato, deep-fried as a substitute for chips, or baked in one piece. Matoke is the most famous dish in Uganda. It is a stew made from steamed plantain, chicken, vegetables and various spices.


Faith plays an important role for society in Uganda. One third of the population is Roman Catholic, one third is Protestant and 16 percent are Muslim. There are also various local religions that have existed alongside world religions for more than a century.


There are about 45 million people living in Uganda. The population is made up of at least 60 different peoples, with their own languages, cultural values and also religions. The Bantu population group represents the largest part with 60%.


Uganda thrives on its biodiversity, both animal and plant. Among the most important national parks of Uganda are the Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Murchison Falls National Park and the Bwindi Forrest. Especially the Bwindi Forrest, with more than 1,000 flowering plant species and its 400 mountain gorillas (among a multitude of other animal species) can hardly be surpassed in biodiversity and has therefore been declared a World Heritage Site.

Uganda national language

Swahili and English

Uganda currency

Uganda Shilling

How do I say thank you in Uganda?

Asante sana

Uganda Time Zone

+2 hours

Best time to travel to Uganda

June to July and from December to February

Secret places in Uganda

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