Our 5 insider tips for city trips in Germany

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Think city breaks in Germany aren't for you? Big cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg have long been among the most popular destinations in Germany. But if you like to get a little more off the beaten path and experience a trip full of history, fun, culture and adventure, then you've come to the right place. We've put together a list of secret gems and off the beaten path destinations in Germany that will make you forget about city life in no time. Let's start with our insider tips for city breaks in Germany.


It's as if time has stood still in this beautiful German city. Its baroque architecture, the ruins of its Renaissance castle and its 13th century fortress make it an irresistible destination where you can experience history and adventure.

If you cross the Neckar River between the Old Town and the Neuenheim district, you can find the ancient and beautiful Old Bridge and enjoy the picturesque views it offers.

Heidelberg Germany

In the cellar of its majestic castle, you can even find a huge wine barrel that reaches into the sky. The cellar is considered the largest wine barrel in the world, built hundreds of years ago during the reign of Charles Theodore. Even today, you can enjoy a wine tasting in this historic place.

Castle 3683860 1920
"Many come from far and wide to see good friends and to visit this barrel, as I myself did recently. And indeed, by God, this work is worth seeing when the proper opportunity arises. I do not think there is another such vessel in all the world enriched by the great gift of the vine." - Anton Praetorius, after a visit to Heidelberg


Second on the list of underrated cities in Germany, Erfurt, the capital of the Free State of Thuringia in Germany, is where you can see and experience the true medieval spirit. Its Dom, the largest and oldest church building in the region of Thuringia, is the epitome of medieval art and architecture.

Erfurt 4595468 1920

Domplatz, the largest square in the city, is where the best Christmas markets are located in December. So be sure to visit the festively decorated Christmas markets while drinking your delicious mulled wine in this out-of-the-way destination in Germany.

Erfurt Germany

To the west of the Krämerbrücke is the Fischmarkt, where you'll find the neo-Gothic Town Hall, decorated inside with several murals about Thuringian history and local legends.


Victor Hugo described this city off the beaten track as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

City Trips In Germany: Bacharach

Perhaps the best destination in Germany to take a cruise on the Rhine, this small town has a lot to offer the ever-curious traveler.

Building 701775 1920

On almost every hilltop there is a castle that majestically rises into the sky. Its slopes are full of stunning vineyards where you can taste one of the sweetest wines in the world.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber     

Another medieval town in Germany that seems straight out of a storybook. Plönlein, which translates as "little square by the fountain", is the most picturesque place in the city, where you can discover and explore the most beautiful historic houses.

Roman Kraft G Gwdpscvay Unsplash

We assure you that the Market Square and its huge Town Hall, surrounded by the most impressive Renaissance architecture, will quickly make you forget the big city life.

Rothenburg Germany


We end the list of secret city breaks in Germany with the beautiful Lübeck. Located in Schleswig-Holstein, Lübeck is a small city in Germany that will attract you with its idyllic scenes and Gothic architecture.

Lübeck Germany

The Holsten Gate, built in the 15th century, is now considered the city's landmark. Other important sights of the city include the Holy Spirit Hospital, considered one of the first social institutions in the world, and the Gothic St. Mary's Church with its seven towers rising majestically into the sky. But if you prefer to delve deeper into the small streets of this beautiful city, you'll come across the colorful townhouses with courtyards, stables and alleys. If you take time out to relax in one of Lübeck's cafés, be sure to try the famous and delicious marzipan.

Lubeck 5376583 1920

We hope you've acquired a taste for city breaks in Germany! If you're still drawn to foreign countries, take a look at our Travel and our Travel magazine to get more inspiration for destinations off the beaten path.

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