The 6 most beautiful cities of Montenegro

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Montenegro, whose name literally means "Black Mountain", is by definition a beautiful mountainous region bordering the Adriatic Sea. Besides incredible natural landscapes, miles of greenery and numerous glacial lakes, Montenegro also scores with its charming and historic towns. In this article you will find our top selection of the most beautiful cities in Montenegro.

Sveti Stefan

Aerial View Of City Buildings Near Body Of Water During Daytime

With a history dating back to the 15th century, the island of Sveti Stefan is not only one of Montenegro's most beautiful and famous sights, but also a cultural destination. Located on the Budva Riveria, it offers quiet pebble beaches and sparkling blue waters. The former fishing village was first settled in 1442, when a wall was built around the island to protect the inhabitants from a Turkish invasion. Today, the island is home to the luxurious resort "Aman Sveti Stefan", which has hosted stars such as Claudia Schiffer and Marilyn Monroe. The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway, so visitors to Sveti Stefan can visit the island's four small churches and all the other beauties.


Brown Concrete Building Near Body Of Water During Daytime

Budva is located on the Adriatic coast and has an immaculate sandy beach overlooking the sea. This makes it, besides the city life, an ideal place to relax and soak up the sun. For history buffs, Budva has an old town that has been remarkably well preserved since the Middle Ages. Due to its historical past, visitors today can admire an abundance of old churches and stone buildings. The winding, cobbled streets lead to the city's wonderful restaurants, cafes, stores and attractions, which include the famous Maritime Museum. With its typical Montenegrin red roofs and stone walls, Budva is a perfect place to spend a day exploring.

Travel Tip: Those looking for a lively Montenegrin experience should come during the summer months. During this time, Budva hosts the Sea Dance Festival, an exciting international music festival on Jaz Beach.


Aerial View Of City Near Body Of Water During Daytime

The charming coastal town of Kotor offers its visitors magnificent sea and mountain scenery. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kotor region promises unforgettable views and exciting history and culture. Conquered by the Greeks in the fourth to seventh centuries BC, the city was once a fortified village surrounded by walls up to 20 meters high. Over time, the city has been under Venetian, Ottoman and Napoleonic rule. Today, visitors can stroll through the picturesque narrow streets and alleys and visit the main square, Piazza des Arms, as well as the nearby city gate. Kotor is also home to rustic restaurants and bars where you can enjoy traditional Montenegrin dishes.

Herceg Novi

Sailboat On Sea

Herceg Novi is located right at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor and is a large town popular with sailors and motor boaters. In this area visitors can swim in the Blue Grotto of Herceg Novi. This grotto is a cave in the mountains whose natural light makes the sea water appear a deep, almost luminous blue. Founded in the 14th century by the Bosnian king Stjepan Tvrtko, the Montenegrin town also has a very eventful past, which is reflected in the town buildings.


Body Of Water Near Mountain During Daytime

Ulcinj, the southernmost city of Montenegro, is a dynamic coastal city with a diverse heritage and a warm atmosphere that will delight all those interested in culture. Due to its proximity to Albania, the city is home to a large Muslim population. As a result, the city's culture is heavily influenced by Middle Eastern influences, leading from authentic Arabic restaurants to numerous beautiful mosques. For those interested in Montenegro's past and exploring this ancient port city, the local history museum is a good place to start tracing the city's checkered history. In addition to its fascinating cultural dimensions, the area is also considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing in Montenegro.


Gray Concrete Building

This pretty stone village was built in the 17th and 18th centuries in Baroque style and is the result of 200 years of Venetian rule. For this reason, it is possible to recreate the infrastructure and architecture of the historic Italian city. During this period, security was of paramount importance for the inhabitants, and one of the most important factors that also contribute to the charm and historical significance of the city are the watchtowers. There are 10 of these towers located at strategic points throughout the area. If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature in addition to the interesting culture, Perast will certainly not disappoint you. Its quay stretches across the sea and is in turn surrounded by impressive mountain scenery.

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