Sun, beach, sea and more? Croatia is known for its natural diversity of natural beauty, which has shaped the country over the years. Due to the cultural influence over the years, Croatia has become an international hotspot where now the traditions, stories and mentality are passed on to the younger generation.

Why travel to Croatia?


It doesn't get more international than this! Croatian cuisine is known for its versatile flavors, which are sometimes influenced by the tastes and traditions of neighboring countries. So it happens that on the Dalmatian coast you can find especially Dalmatian dishes based on fish, green vegetables and spices such as parsley and garlic, while many dishes in Zagreb have similarities with dishes from Central European countries. Besides Istrian cuisine with typical dishes such as fuzi and manestra, as well as various dishes based on pork and peppers in Slavonia, one thing is absolutely certain: no matter where you are in Croatia, everyone will find something suitable here.


Due to its position as a borderland for many years, four cultural areas meet in Croatia: the Northern-Central European and the Southern-Mediterranean cultural areas, as well as the West and the East. This encounter can still be seen today in the numerous monuments and experienced for oneself. Otherwise, the culture of the Croats has developed in the way it is found today: pride in their origins. The people of Croatia value their origins very much, so that festivals with old songs and folk dances are celebrated regularly, where the participants wear their folk costumes to celebrate them in a native way.


The hospitality of the locals is inescapable and known for their warmth, hospitality and politeness. Even individual requests are dismissed with a nod of the head, agreement and smile, but it does not mean that this will be carried out promptly, because the locals are not known for their speed. Even though, unlike Germans, they tend to be unpunctual and not in a hurry, they are confident, always polite and always ready to share their humor.


A country to fall in love with! Or how come Croatia has over 1000 islands, with the island of Galešnjak taking the shape of a heart? Indeed, the nature of Croatia makes the heart beat faster: magnificent mountains, which are suitable for both hiking and climbing, rippling turquoise waters, which not only invite you to swim, but also impressive waterfalls give their beautiful color. From hidden caves to secret bays and up to eight national parks that reflect Croatia's natural diversity, get ready to take Croatia's natural beauty into your heart. 

National language of Croatia


Croatia currency

Croatian Kuna (1€ = 7,53 Croatian Kuna)

How do I say thank you in Croatia?

Hvala vam

Time zone in Croatia

Croatia is located in the CET (Central European Timezone) and therefore has no time difference to the German time.

Best time to travel to Croatia

May till October

Secret places in Croatia

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