Keeping in touch after grouptravels: the 5 best tips

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Group travel is the perfect opportunity to meet new wonderful, like-minded friends. You probably know exactly what we're talking about, because this article is designed to explain how to keep in touch even after the trip is over. We have the 5 perfect tips to help you do just that. 

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To stay in touch with people, you should always network directly. How and where you do this is up to you. Various messenger services are ideal for this. We recommend that you don't just rely on your phone number, because it can change or be lost if you lose your cell phone. A safer option is social networks, because they are accessible regardless of the devices used. If someone neither uses social media nor can be reached via a cell phone, the e-mail address, home address or landline number can also come into question.

On our group trips we always make sure to create a group chat to ensure easy communication before, during and after the trip. This way you have a direct way to stay in touch.

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Regular contact

Keeping in touch is not easy and requires some effort. However, it is important to check in with acquaintances on a regular basis. This signals not only that you are interested in the existence of the contact, but also that you really want to participate in the life of the other person.

Try to find a good rhythm. You don't have to check on another person's well-being every day, but you shouldn't just check in with a birthday message once a year either. Better than messages are also phone calls or video calls. Both communication partners are usually more present than with simple messages.

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Schedule fixed meetings in advance

Regular messages and phone calls are helpful to maintain contacts or to bridge the time between personal meetings. However, spending time together is far more intense and creates a better connection. You're probably aware that it's hard to arrange meetings unless you set a date well in advance, because sometimes life plans just get in the way. Therefore, spontaneous dates or dates planned well in advance are best. So you can be sure that the meetings will take place and nothing comes in between. 

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Joint activities 

Depending on how close or far away you live from each other, you may also want to do activities together to keep in touch. For example, if you live relatively close, you can meet for sports activities or meals in the area. If you live farther away, you can choose a meeting place that is centrally located and decide what you want to do depending on what is available. Whether it's hiking, going for a swim, or meeting up for coffee: Make your common interests the focus of your meetings!

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Another trip?

Every time you meet, you'll probably talk about the past group trip and remember how great the time was together. So why not just plan another group trip?

We offer trips all over the world, you can choose a destination that suits you and soon you will have new experiences.

Have you already been on an adventure trip with us? Then do not hesitate and take a look at our Alumnus Instagram channel over. 

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