The 5 most beautiful cities in Greece

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Good food and historic buildings far and wide: The cities in Greece have a lot to offer. Vacationing in the Mediterranean paradise is a unique mix of ancient and modern and combines city vacation with an exciting city trip.

Athens: The Capital


The centre of European culture and history. Here you can discover endless impressive sights and historical buildings. Best of all, the whole city is like an open-air museum, because no matter which streets you stroll through, you'll find monuments and ancient temples that are freely accessible.

A holiday in Athens is like a trip back in time and will impress you with the Acropolis, the Olympic Stadium or the historic Dionysus Theatre. To relax and recharge your batteries, there are many taverns, cafes and restaurants where you can linger and taste the delicious Greek food.

Chania: The picturesque city in Crete

Most beautiful cities in Greece: Chania

One of the most beautiful and charming cities you can find in Greece is definitely Chania. The city is especially known for the from the 14th century Venetian port, which provides a unique backdrop with its lighthouse. The city is also known for its hospitable people, which you will feel when visiting the taverns and restaurants. In the maritime museum you can admire model ships and historical exhibits and just outside the city there is the most famous gorge of Crete, which is definitely worth a trip.

Corfu: The UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site

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The capital of the eponymous island of Corfu is located in the Ionian Sea opposite the Italian boot heel and is one of the most beautiful cities in the country - and not without reason! The beautiful historic old town in Venetian style invites you to stroll with its picturesque, pastel-colored buildings and cobblestone streets. Another highlight are the imposing fortresses built on the steep slopes and the castle Mon Repos. Many cafés have observation terraces from which you can enjoy a beautiful view over the city along with a cool drink.

Rhodes: The highlight for culture lovers

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Rhodes is one of the most popular Greek islands and the capital of the same name is a popular destination, especially for culture lovers because of its beautiful old town and modern new town. Especially the medieval old town, which is completely surrounded by an ancient city wall, invites to extensive walks and exploration tours. The central square of the old town is the Hippocrates Square. This is where the fun is and there are many cafes, bars and restaurants where you can linger.

If you want to enjoy the view over the whole city, you can climb the Nallac Tower and admire a beautiful view over the port, the many streets, alleys and buildings. For us definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Greece!

Chalkida: The Copper City

Paris Papavlasopoulos Be S F4Nkny Unsplash

Chalkida is located on the island of Euboea and is an oasis of peace, rest and relaxation. Especially the Athenians love to come here for a weekend getaway, as the island is only a short hour's drive from the capital. Also the cuisine of the island has a good reputation and known for its meze dishes with fresh seafood and shellfish.

The beach of Alikes is a hot spot for young people, because here you can not only enjoy the sun, but also enjoy colorful cocktails in the bars and taverns and dance extensively at night in the clubs of the city until dawn. If you just want to relax on the beach and enjoy the sea, the beaches of Asteria, Rodies and Aghios Minas are also recommended.

But also historically and culturally you can experience a lot here, because Chalkida is one of the cities in Greece, which can look back on a more than 3,000 year old history. On the mainland side of Chalkida lies the imposing Karababa Fortress, in Chalkida itself have, among other things, the Church of Agia Paraskevi and the Emir Zade Mosque which both date from the 15th century.

You want to see the most beautiful cities of Greece live?

Greece is incredibly versatile due to its many islands and there is a lot to discover. Of course, the best way to do this is island hopping with a sailboat!

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