The 4 most beautiful cities of Tajikistan

Most beautiful cities of Tajikistan

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Tajikistan is a very mountainous country with a rich Persian heritage and a history that dates back to the time of Alexander the Great and the Silk Road. Thus, it invites adventurous travelers from all over the world to discover the most beautiful mountain landscapes, climb high peaks, explore lively cities and get to know a diverse culture. The 4 most beautiful cities you can visit during your visit to Tajikistan we have summarized here for you: 


Dushanbe: The Capital

The city is the capital of the country and is also the largest among the cities of Tajikistan. With many green spaces and monumental buildings, the offers a refreshing mix of Eurasian urban architecture and a Soviet-influenced cityscape. Particularly impressive is the huge library and the Rudaki Prospekt, which is bordered by the Rudaki Park of the same name. No less luxurious appears the Kochi Navruz (Palace of Navruz), built 5 years ago. International conferences city and state visits are held here. The palace is also often booked by the population as a wedding location. 

Be sure to visit the Monday market Shomansur, here you can meet many locals and taste local specialties: the numerous stalls pile up fruit, vegetables, nuts, fresh bread and spices shimmer in the most beautiful colors. In addition, the many tea houses characterize the cityscape. Here the locals drink their tea, eat something and chat.


Khujand, with its oldest name Alexandria Eshatê ("the farthest Alexandria"), since it was founded by Alexander the Great in May 329 BC, is located in the far north of the country. It is the second largest city in the country and the gateway to the Fergana Valley. Evidence of its glorious past as an important trading hub on the Silk Road can still be admired today: the 10th century citadel, a lively and noisy bazaar, mosque and medrese, a mausoleum with a richly decorated courtyard.


Kulob is located in the Pamir Mountains on average 580 meters above sea level. The city used to be of high importance and cultural, scientific and spiritual center of Central Asia and an important trade center on the Silk Road. Today, Kulob has developed into an industrial city and is the center for the cotton industry in the country.

Why go to Paris when you can go to Kulob? A large industrial group has invested a lot to give the city some Parisian Cham. There is even a French theme park under the name Tour de France with a miniature Eiffel Tower and Louvre image. But don't worry, if you prefer to get more of the local culture, there are of course numerous authentic settlements, an indoor market with culinary specialties, a beautifully blooming city park with the Mausoleum.


The name of the city of Punjakent can be translated as "five villages", is located in a picturesque valley of the river Zeravshan. It is believed that the history of the city originally came from these five villages. The then city was one of the most important cultural and handicraft centers of Sogd and was even called the "Pompeii of Central Asia". 

The cityscape was characterized by a palace with two temples, markets, magnificent residential houses with numerous paintings, wooden statues of ancient gods. However, the city was destroyed by the Arabs in the 8th century. The ancient ruins were found only in the last century and today tourists can admire the remains of the dwellings and important buildings, the citadel with the palace, the craftsmen's house and the Zoroastrian church.

If you are interested in the moving history of Punjakent, you should visit the Rudat Museum, where many finds and excavations are exhibited.

You want to see the most beautiful cities of Tajikistan live?

If you have a little more time, you should make a detour to the seven lakes, which are only a short drive from Punjkent. According to legend, the lakes were created by the enchantment of the seven beautiful farmers' daughters. They are located in the Sing Valley at an altitude of up to 2400 meters and date back to an earthquake.

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