The 4 most beautiful beaches in Namibia

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Namibia, a country in southwestern Africa, is characterized by the Namib Desert along its Atlantic coast, in addition to its beaches. The country is home to diverse wildlife, including a significant cheetah population. In the north, the salt pan of Etosha National Park attracts wildlife such as rhinos and giraffes. Namibia, in addition to being home to many wildlife species and national parks, is also a great destination for beach lovers who simply want to relax and listen to the sound of the ocean, or make acquaintance with various wildlife species here as well. Below we have listed our top 4 beaches.

Cape Cross: One of the most diverse beaches in Namibia

Gray And Black Sea Lions Near Seashore

Cape Cross is a beach on the Atlantic coast of Namibia, known for its huge seal colony (Cape Cross Seal Reserve). According to the smell, the animals can not be denied, but the View* is worth staying here for a while. Visitors can lose themselves in this noisy hustle and bustle and watch the captivating interactions of the seal colony from a spacious jetty separated from the mass of seals by a low wall.

Walking along the entire colony, you can learn interesting details about the life of seals at information points or marvel at a modern replica of Diego Cao's historic cross. It is also possible to swim in the sea a little further away, although Namibia may well offer more comfortable places for a beach vacation.

Travel Tip: The sea seals come in large numbers towards the end of October. The little seal pups are born in November or December, and the coast is then covered with a mass of bleating and whimpering little bodies.

Sandwich Harbour

Sandwich Harbour: One of the most breathtaking beaches in Namibia

Sandwich Harbour, located just under 60 km south of Walvis Bay in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, is one of the most unique and dramatic places in Namibia. Here, some of the world's highest dunes drop down into the cold Atlantic Ocean, forming a picturesque lagoon. Sandwich Harbour is also part of the Namib Naukluft Park.

The lagoon, salt pans and bird sanctuary that make up the Walvis Bay Wetlands are rightly described as the most important coastal wetlands in southern Africa. It is one of five Ramsar sites in Namibia. Huge sand dunes run directly into the ocean, creating breathtaking scenery and unique landscapes just waiting to be discovered!

Walvis Bay

Small and large flamingos flock in large numbers to the pools along the coast of the Namib Desert, especially around Walvis Bay and Lüderitz. Near Walvis Bay there are three different wetlands that are definitely worth a visit if you want to experience the great bird diversity of Namibia:

Pink flamingo


This shallow and protected 45,000-hectare lagoon southwest of Walvis Bay and west of the mouth of the Kuiseb River attracts huge flocks of Lesser and Greater Flamingos as well as a range of shore water birds. The area is also home to the Little Ringed Plover and Great Curlew, as well as the rare Damara Tern.

Salt Works

Southwest of the lagoon is this 3500 hectare saline complex, currently over 90% of the South African salt* supplies. As in Swakopmund, the salt in these pans is extracted from the seawater by evaporation. They also serve as a rich food source for shrimp and fish larvae.

Bird Paradise

Immediately east of town, by the municipal sewage treatment plant, this nature preserve consists of a series of shallow artificial pools lined with reeds. An observation tower and a short nature trail provide excellent birdwatching opportunities.

Together they form southern Africa's most important coastal wetland for migratory birds, hosting up to 150,000 transients annually, including large flocks of lesser and greater flamingos.

Solitude beach

Sea Waves Near Desert

One of the most beautiful places on the coast is probably Solitude Beach or Farilhao Bay, as it is officially called. The bay is located south of Henties Bay and features a rocky shore that is visible at low tide. The landscape is adorned with hummocks, the plants that live in this extremely dry area. This section is excellent for long walks and is known as the Jakkalputz Trail.

Henties Bay has a peaceful, rustic atmosphere and the absence of heavy traffic, mild climate and long stretches of pristine beach provide the ideal setting for a relaxing vacation with long walks, sunbathing and Picnic*. Parts of the beach are closed to anglers, vehicles and quads to provide maximum peace and quiet for pedestrians and sun worshippers.

Travel Tip: Remember that the water is freezing cold (13 to 18 °C) and the current is very strong, with whirlpools in some places, which makes swimming dangerous.

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