Sustainable travel in the Caribbean: 6 helpful tips

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The Caribbean is known for sun, beach and good humor. More and more islands are opting for the path of sustainability. Find out how you can make your next Caribbean trip environmentally conscious and sustainable here!

Public transport

To get around the islands, it is recommended to use public transportation. Public transportation in the Dominican Republic is among the best in the Caribbean. Buses run frequently and are relatively comfortable. If you want to move between Caribbean islands, you can also use the ferry. An example would be the ferry Express-des-Iles if you want to go from Guadeloupe to Dominica and from Dominica to Martinique.

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Sustainable accommodation

When it comes to accommodation, you can also make a more ecologically sound choice than all-inclusive resorts. You can focus on sustainable hotels or eco-lodges. Accommodations like these not only bring you closer to environmental protection. They are also a better choice in terms of fair treatment of the local population and social compatibility. By staying in local accommodations, you support the locals and the local economy.

If you still want to book an all-inclusive hotel, the world's most eco-friendly hotel is just the thing for you. The Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort on Aruba is the first CO2-neutral resort in the Caribbean. It was also the first hotel to receive the Global United Nations Climate Action Award from the United Nations.

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Dealing with prohibitions

In recent years, most Caribbean islands have banned single-use plastic, so it won't be hard for you to give up plastic. A reusable water bottle is a good way to save on plastic bottles as well.

Also, some sunscreens have been banned in the Caribbean to protect the coral reefs. Therefore, pay attention to which cream you pack for your trip. These must not contain the active ingredients oxybenzone and octinoxate.

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Traveling by plane is not the most sustainable method, but most of the time there is no other way. Nevertheless, you can already pay attention to the environment when you arrive. If possible, book a direct flight and try to avoid connecting flights. You can compensate the emissions of the flight, for example via Atmosfair. And plan your trip to the Caribbean islands as long as possible, so that the flight is also worthwhile.

If you have a lot of time, try Cargo ship voyages. Here you are a few days longer on the road, but save so the flight emissions.

Local products

Try to stick to the local specialties on the Caribbean islands. Because these have the lowest carbon footprint, as they have the shortest transport route. Depending on which island you are on, there are different delicacies. But mostly local fruits like sweet potatoes, cassava or bananas play a big role in the dishes. But you will also find shrimp and fresh fish on the menus of local restaurants.

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Sustainable activities

Important to the social and cultural components of sustainability are the activities you engage in during your trip. And what's more sustainable than exploring the exotic landscape of the Caribbean? Whether on foot or by bike.

Hiking is one of the most sustainable activities you can do. Hiking not only allows you to explore the area and marvel at nature, but also to gain insight into the lives of the rural population. In some Caribbean countries, such as Cuba or the Dominican Republic, dancing is very important. So the best thing to do is find a local dance instructor and shake a leg.

There are also national parks in the Caribbean. Mostly you have the parks to yourself and can discover this beautiful nature. When diving and snorkeling you should be careful not to damage anything on the reefs. If you want to book a tour through the cities or the area, it is advisable to find a local guide. They know the city or the area best.

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