Sustainable travel in Colombia: 5 tips for your trip

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Beach and Andes, metropolises and idyllic mountain villages, enormous biodiversity and a distinctive coffee culture -... Colombia is rightly becoming increasingly popular with travelers. The country is undergoing major changes, and sustainability should not be overlooked. If you are also a tourist Responsibility you can find out how to travel sustainably in Colombia.

Fly climate conscious

The easiest way to get to Colombia is by plane. Hardly any form of transport produces as much CO₂ as flying. But you can also protect the environment during your flight by voluntarily donating to climate protection projects. The money goes to development cooperation and helps to reduce the burden on the climate. On the Internet, you can find numerous organizations that are involved in offsetting greenhouse gases through renewable energies.

Suppliers like atmosfair, greenmiles or myclimate allow you to donate a contribution of your choice for every kilometer flown. The money goes to climate and environmental protection projects.

A long stay

Colombia is about 3.2 times the size of Germany. Therefore, plan a longer trip to see as much as possible and avoid domestic flights. Especially the locals often take the cheaper way. Take your time and cover the distance between Bogotá and Armenia by long distance bus. This way you get to see more of the country, save money and travel sustainably through Colombia at the same time. Another advantage is that you can also reach the remote villages by bus.

In the cities, you can also get around easily by subway and bus. The cable cars are especially popular in Medellín.


Book accommodation with local and sustainable providers

Nowadays, there are more and more hotels with distinctive eco-concepts that focus entirely on sustainability. But you don't have to sacrifice comfort or luxury. Ecolodges are very popular in Colombia. They are integrated into the natural environment and at the same time offer their visitors all amenities.

Alternatively, you can look for smaller, local accommodation to support local vendors and their families. Your travel experience will be much more authentic and you will get in touch with locals right away.


Buy local products

Colombia enjoys a great culinary diversity. Be open to new culinary discoveries during your trip. Try fish dishes near the coast, buy vegetables and fruits at local markets and visit family-run restaurants. In Colombia, you'll have the chance to taste fruits like avocados, mangoes and bananas, which are considered exotic in our country, harvested fully ripe. Regional products have the shortest transport distance and are therefore the most environmentally friendly. Try to avoid plastic when shopping by bringing a backpack or bag.

At the same time you support the locals and the local economy with your purchase. Your family in Germany will also be delighted with souvenirs from local artisans. Surprise your loved ones with a Colombian ceramic sculpture.

It is also worth visiting a sustainable coffee plantation to learn more about the local coffee culture and support the farmers.

Farmer In Colombia On Banana Plantation

Be respectful to nature

If you leave nature as you found it, travelers after you will be able to enjoy the natural features of the region. It's best to take a garbage bag with you to collect your trash and dispose of it in the nearest possible place. If you encounter plastic waste along the way, simply dispose of it in the nearest trash can. This will set a positive example for other travelers.

Also, use a refillable water bottle on your tour. Although you cannot drink the tap water in Colombia, there are often free ways to refill your bottle in the cities.  


If you now feel like getting to know Colombia, discovering its culinary diversity and marveling at its diverse landscapes, then check out our TripLegend Colombia Round Trip over. Here you can travel sustainably in a group of like-minded people and discover the most exciting parts of the country at the same time. For even more travel inspiration, follow TripLegend also on Instagram and subscribe to our Newsletter.

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