Sri Lanka

Dazzling sandy beaches, miles of palm-fringed coastline, deep rainforests, breathtaking palaces, endless tea plantations and exotic wildlife. Sri Lanka has a fascinating variety of culture as well as nature and wildlife to offer. If you can't get enough of tropical climate and fascinating nature, then come with us on an exciting journey of discovery in Sri Lanka.

Why travel to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka not only has a breathtaking landscape with white sandy beaches and dense rainforests, it also has a lot to offer culturally. Both the inhabitants and their traditions are definitely worth a visit.


Probably the most famous dish in Sri Lanka is "Rice and Curry". It is usually prepared at lunchtime or in the evening and is available in countless variations. This includes the preparation with vegetables, chicken or fish. The dish is spiced on the one hand with the well-known very hot spice mixtures, but also additionally with chili, garlic and ginger. Popular in this dish are also the ingredients coconut milk and the spicy sambol paste. Other traditional Sri Lankan dishes include papadam (fluffy, crispy crackers made from chickpea or lentil flour), roti (flatbread) and, for breakfast, hoppers (pancakes with a crispy edge that are very soft on the inside). You must also try the various tropical fruits in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, people mostly eat with their right hand (the left hand is unclean), so don't be surprised if you are not served cutlery.


Sri Lanka is home to many different cultures. Therefore, the culture is also characterized by different faiths. The Sinhalese belong to the Buddhist faith, while the Tamils belong to Hinduism. Only a small minority of the population belongs to Christianity and Islam. In accordance with the different faiths of the population, splendid festivals are celebrated throughout the year. These are based on the lunar calendar, which is why the time of the festival is not the same every year.


Sri Lanka has a large number of different ethnic groups. Of the approximately 22 million inhabitants, the majority of the population represents the Sinhalese. They make up about two-thirds of the total population. In the minority are the Tamils and Moors. The Tamils represent about 15 % of the total population and are mainly represented in the north of the island nation. The Moors account for about 9 % of the total population of Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka is known for its gorgeous, palm-fringed sandy beaches and tropical climate. But it is also home to a unique variety of flora and fauna. Whether it's a walk through the rainforests and mangroves or a visit to the countless tea and spice plantations, there is always something new to discover. Sri Lanka is also home to exotic animals such as leopards, monkeys, buffalos, elephants, monitor lizards, etc.. But also the inland has a lot to offer with its towering mountains.

Sri Lanka national language

Sinhala, Tamil

Sri Lanka Currency

Sri Lanka Rupee (100 Rupees = 0,25€)

How do I say thank you in Sri Lanka?

Istouti / Nandri

Sri Lanka Time Zone

The time difference with Central Europe is +3.5 hours in summer and +4.5 hours in winter.

Best time to travel to Sri Lanka

Good to travel all year round

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