As the southernmost point many people will ever reach, Australia has precious ecosystems and a unique environment to offer.

Why travel to Australia?

From the endangered Great Barrier Reef - a highlight for anyone traveling to Australia - to the pristine beauty of the Fraser Island desert; the wonders of nature are at the heart of every Australia experience. Experience life Down-Under firsthand and learn about a unique culture.


There are a variety of dishes you can try in Australia. And yes, kangaroo meat was not only an important source of protein for the aborigines, but is also considered a delicacy today. But Australia's fish diversity from two oceans also offers enormous gastronomic potential. Especially the Baramundi fish as a stew with wild herbs and a peach-kiwi sauce can be found in almost all restaurants.


Australia and Oceania are a melting pot of cultures due to waves of immigration since the 19th century, but Aboriginal and Maori cultures have existed here for millennia and have survived colonialism to this day.


Australasia's population is currently around 42.3 million people and includes Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding islands. Australia is the most populous country with 25 million people, but many of the surrounding Pacific islands are very sparsely populated.


One word: diverse. Australia is home to the vast, arid outback, Papua New Guinea is a tropical volcanic archipelago and New Zealand offers a landscape of fjords, snow-capped mountains and deep forests.

National language of Australia


Australia currency

Australian dollar (1€ ≈ 1.6 Australian dollar)

How do I say thank you in Australia?

Thank you!

Australia Time Zone

The time difference from Central Europe is +10 hours.

Best time to travel to Australia

October till April

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