Eco-Friendly Travel Guide

Ever thought of what sustainability really means?

Although the word sustainability is everywhere lately, it seems that we are not doing enough to learn more about it.

Mass tourism is contributing to the destruction of the environment and causing long term damage to it. 

We, as TripLegend, want to change that and create a revolutionized, eco-friendly travel environment, in which our travellers have a positive impact on our world just by travelling.

World Tourism Organization describes sustainable tourism as “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities”.

“It is important they start to view their customers not as mere units of consumption, but as guests seeking to be healed and transformed”, says Anna Pollock, the founder of Conscious Travel, and continues “Our conscious or mindful alternative is about less volume, congestion, hassle, destruction and harm and about more meaning, purpose, value, peace and fulfillment. In short, not more but better.” 

We also believe the only way to create an environment that is worth living in is through adopting a sustainable lifestyle. To do so, we reinvented the idea of responsible travel and created eco-friendly travel solutions for the future. 

But what can travellers do to support an environmentally conscious lifestyle while travelling? 

Every time you have a meal, get accommodations or do activities, you can have a positive impact just by traveling.

Paula Vlamings, the chief executive of Tourism Cares.

Prefer Eco-Friendly Travel Agencies

You can prefer environmentally conscious travel agencies for your next trips as they are well aware of what our world is going through and how global tourism is destroying it. Eco-friendly travel agencies will always try to make sure you get the local experience and reduce the damage we cause to the environment.

Avoid Plastic Waste 

When you travel, make sure to bring your reusable water bottle.

When shopping, always have your reusable bag instead of using plastic bags. Each year an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. That comes out to over one million per minute.  

Raising awareness of eco-friendly travel products and avoiding plastic usage is essential to create a change. Always make sure to educate yourself and others around you about sustainable solutions. 

Keep Things Local

When it comes to sustainable tourism, it is essential to mention the significance of local businesses.

eco friendly travel local

Supporting local communities will help them benefit from the tourism industry. This way, your travel money will not be spent on big international conglomerates. You will also contribute to creating an eco-friendly travel environment.

By keeping things local, you will also have a chance to feel the real atmosphere of your travel destination. 

Fly Economy Class

Yes. When you fly, it is essential that you choose the economy class .

eco friendly travel plane

As Simon Calder, the travel correspondent of The Independent, says “the carbon footprint you make as an airline passenger is in proportion to the actual footprint of your seat. Business-class is a waste of space and burns an absurd amount of fuel.”

To learn what TripLegend does to create and support an eco-friendly travel environment, click here.

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